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A Bonus of ROOTed.

Love Your Life > You Love Your Phone

Mobile Phone
Dream Ticket

A 3-Part Series Designed to Decrease the Crisis of Wasted Time and Increase the Fullness of Life

Are you enmeshed with your smartphone??

Take Back Your Time!
Setting you up to enjoy REAL life in the Fall of 2022

Phone Case

Be the Manager.

Our lack of control over the phone is stealing time, relationships, creativity, and purpose. If we don't manage it, it will manage us. Even if we say we HATE what it's doing to our lives, we can't get control of it.


That's when we know there is a problem. We all hate the taste of sour milk, but we have no trouble saying no to it! Let's say NO to what is making us sick. 

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A 3-Part Series:
Love Your Life >You Love Your Phone

Dawn Woods has created a 3-part, manageable series offering both perspective and practical rhythms for regulating the technology in your hand. 


As a counselor, coach, and educator...Dawn Woods has heard many people (including herself!) bemoan the power technology has over their own lives, the lives of friends, the lives of their kids, and our culture.

* She invites you to establish purpose and boundaries for the Fall of 2022.

* For 1/3 the price of a single coaching session...

3-Parts for $38

For Purchase in August 2022

ROOTed Members: $28

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