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For the Restless Heart.
An Advent Series 2022

How do we remain faithful on the landscape of deep disappointment, confusion, and restlessness with feet planted in hopeful trust?

How do we wait well

Too often we have no idea how to handle the unresolved scenarios in our lives. Our default is to control, escape, or fixing things instead of learning to listen to God in these liminal spaces? 

I get it.


Waiting has the potential to unravel us. And yet, God calls us into pilgrimage with him. The ongoing road where, this side of heaven, we never really arrive at a tidy life. Instead, we find him. 

A Simple Advent Series. 

One of my personal goals this year was to write an Advent Series for those who want to wait well in the stuck places of their lives. I am writing it for me, too. 

Each Sunday of Advent you will receive a reflection with some thoughts, quotes, and questions to help you engage your restless heart. For all of human history we have looked for solutions in every category of life: education, relationships, family, finances, and accomplishments. Likewise, we trust our own competency to forge a way out of these "middle places." Mostly, we stay busy and stuff down all the negative emotions. But there is a different way. As Thomas Merton wrote: "God's plan was that [the Israelites] should learn to love him in the wilderness and that they should always look back upon the time in the desert as the idyllic time of their life with HIM alone." 

May this season be a time when you attach to him in a way you have not previously known. 

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