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A Pilgrimage for Women

Who Want Spiritual Grit

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Who Are We

Who is Dawn and What is ROOTed?

Dawn Woods has been in education, women's ministry, counseling, and youth ministry for over 25 years. Her undergrad is in English Literature, and her graduate degree is in counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. She comes alive when she teaches, especially the Word of God. ROOTed is one way to glean from her wisdom and experience after years of teaching. Consider ROOTed an ideal platform to grow deep, hardy roots grounded in Scripture and the person of Christ. 


Biblical teaching for women anywhere from 18-85, feeling aimless, stuck, flatlined spiritually, and overwhelmed. Dawn is pivoting from 20 years of experience in the classroom to a membership platform, teaching women a theological pathway to cultivate a grounded faith. Her hope is to help women grow spiritual grit (and subsequently, those in their circle of influence).

Each month will be structured with a combination of (manageable!) video teachings and self-reflection/meditation/solitude. The intention is to learn to take in what we hear and let it sink into our bones. Likewise, Dawn hopes to help women become more comfortable with silence.Her conviction is that we cannot connect with Jesus if we never have the silent space to do so.  


Monthly cost: 4.99 (.16 a day!!) 

Year/10% Discount: $55


Simply put, Dawn is concerned and saddened by how challenging it is for people to remain committed to Christ and his Kingdom. She knows the distractions we face, and feels called to help us manage them with perseverance. Women who feel alone, exhausted, scattered by demands, and spiritually numb, ROOTed is for you.


January of 2024

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Dawn invites you to join her on the road to spiritual grit. You will not be disappointed as you relax in your home engaging in meaningful, sound teaching. This is not a Bible study, nor is it a daily devotion. ROOTed can be done with a few friends or on your own. One of Dawn's hopes is for moms to join with their daughters on this spiritual pathway. As women with so many spinning plates, we need a weekly deposit into our souls to keep us oriented toward Jesus and his Word. The goal of ROOTed is to do just that. 

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What are women saying about ROOTed?


"It’s like water pouring over me and refining me and leaving its mark. God uses you and your faithfulness mightily in my life! In the same way God uses my “go- to" spots in nature or well-worn passages in Scripture, so He uses your recurring ROOTed words to nourish me and draw me in. It is truly the best bargain of the year for me and the easiest purchase to make!! It’s a gift I give myself without a second of hesitation! :) THANK YOU!"

"So refreshing. Dawn doesn't bring a perfect, polished package...she brings a personal, experienced walk with the Lord we can relate with/to. Dawn speaks with us, not to or above us." 

"I am so thankful for the way she does not mince words or skirt around truth."

"Still peace and rest come from listening to Dawn and reading her words. Main zinger for me: trust in HIM, not in the expected thing to be accomplished."

"The timing of ROOTed has been perfect for me personally. After having so much processing and healing to do- this has been just what my soul needed. Time ALONE with God as I re-discover my faith and who He is. God is using Dawn's voice in my life and I am so very thankful :)"

"...everything comes across as honest, authentic, and relatable."

"I so appreciate Dawn's casual way of teaching God's word. It feels genuine and has a depth to it. It does not feel like a performance or motivational/self help talk."

"I’m watching the videos again and enjoying them as much second time."

"Dawn is putting into words what I can’t. I so feel like my heart is starting to soften again in this hard and painful season."

"Thank you, Dawn! Do I hope in Him changing a circumstance or Hope in HIM? I’m loving chewing on this."

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