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Coming: An Advent Poem

Advent is speaking. I’m waiting with hope. This waiting in ache. Still and silent, but listening.

In days past they long-awaited the Messiah; we long-await His return. At times it feels too heavy to bear.

My soul thirsts and pants for the living God to come and blanket me with His ten-times over fulness.

Like the noiseless, constant snow falling, fall on me. Cover me. Coat me with the everlasting love of God while I wait.

For true salvation, and broad in every way, comes only from You.

I wait. I pay attention. I seek. I hope. I pine for His peace. I wait more.

Bonhoeffer reminds me, “...the door is shut, and can only be opened from the outside.”

Advent, though painful, is necessary to refine and produce, like soon-sprouting seeds, the internal parts of me.

And one day, in the waiting, a light will dawn. And the door will open.

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