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Need to get UNSTUCK? Here are 5 benefits to hiring a Life Coach--

1. We learn the necessity of self-evaluation and reflection: This is one of the most consistent observations I have made over the last two decades. We stay busy, and as a result rarely consider why we do what we do, why we are so afraid, why we can’t find peace, why we have so much conflict, why we haven’t left our job, why we feel so lonely, why our insecurities are getting stronger, why our kids don’t respect us, why our marriages feel purposeless and dry…Not only are we rarely quiet long enough to reflect, we become less and less able to focus the longer we go without stillness. Life Coaching provides the space to put our lives under the light, to see how we have drifted off track, and to name the way back to the path of fullness, health and peace.

2. We reverse habits of behavior that are keeping us stuck: Most of us have gotten stuck without realizing it. Certain habits begin to wrap around our lives eventually leaving us dysfunctional. We aren’t aware they are holding us back. Oftentimes, we don’t even know what they are. Habits form over time; we drift into blindness by telling ourselves too many times, “There’s nothing to worry about, it’s fine!" Or, "This will eventually get better, nothing to fret over." But behaviors grow roots. It's worth asking some questions. Do you find you have trouble making the most of your day? Are you noticing your relationships default to shallow interactions and soon feel empty? Has your screen taken over your life and hampered your productivity and personal growth? Have you stopped dreaming and creating? Have you and your spouse forgotten how to be intentional in your marriage? Have you lost the authority in your home so your kids now run the show? Behaviors lead to a lifestyle and a lifestyle can suck you into a hole that is difficult to climb out of. Life Coaching not only helps identify what habits and behaviors have become destructive, but creates a plan to implement the behaviors that lead to freedom.

3. Verbal processing allows space for clarity: Our minds are full of thoughts, agendas, lists, fears, unsettled relationships, dreams, work responsibilities and the list goes on. Likewise, we are hooked to devices that dump loads of information into our already full brains. The scrolling and streaming, the barrage of emails, texts and push notifications, all break up our ability to focus. One hour of set aside time in a Life Coaching session makes focus attainable. Not only is there FULL permission to be present, the space and time make it possible to THINK. When one of my clients begins to answer specific questions, he or she comes to significant realizations. Individuals hear themselves name what they are feeling and why. They slowly begin to connect the dots that too often float around their minds with no clarity. Verbal processing with the intention to discover keys for healthy living is a life skill. The Holy Spirit will use these conversations to reveal what is holding us back. Journaling is another life skill that helps tremendously. Self-reflection is a lost art today. Truth be told, what we become blind to over time, is highly visible to those around us. If we are humble and willing to take a look at our lives, and if we are motivated to do the work, we will become more free and more content. Life Coaching provides space to do the work of self-care leaving a positive impact on not just you but everyone around you.

4. Few contexts in life present necessary questions, challenge false thinking patterns, and invite one to identity gifts that are underused: A big problem today is that we are bad at asking questions. Americans have trouble really listening. One of the most consistent frustrations I have heard from those who went off to college after spending lots of time in my office is that no one asks them questions. This is another lost life skill. Not only are questions helpful to identifying what has us stuck, but we begin to feel known. After a few sessions, questions allow me to know someone. And people want to be known. It matters. The other benefit of being in a setting with lots of questions, is that you will inevitably learn how to ask questions of others. This is how we care for people; this is how deep, meaningful relationships form. In the setting of Life Coaching false thoughts are exposed. "Do you have any reason to know for sure that no one wants you around?" "Do you notice that you withdraw and as a result feel alone?" Questions clarify. The beauty is they will lead to identifying the gifts we possess as humans created in God’s image. Our individual crafting is meant to lead our vocations. If these go unnamed, they remain dormant. When one doesn’t use his gifts, he experiences less fulfillment in his work. Life Coaching helps you process and think in response to questions that both challenge you and reveal the hidden gifts inside of you.

5. There is company in the journey of growth: In our individualistic society, we have lost the value for other voices in our lives. The fewer objective voices we have in our lives, the more likely we are to believe our own ideas, opinions and perspectives. Fundamentally, we were never meant to be solo thinkers. We spend many hours with our own thoughts combined with the deluge of media influence. We can become narrow and stubborn, believing our own maladaptive viewpoints. There is a fear of appearing weak, or needy when we call on others. And yet, other people equip us with wisdom, strength and hope. We have blind spots that only others can point out. There is a humility in not trusting ourselves so completely. Life Coaching is an objective voice that becomes a measuring stick for healthy thought patterns and perspectives.

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