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A Series of Poems for Prayers:#2 To the God of Creation

The Beauty of the Earth

God of trees,

God of Seas,

of wheat fields,


and wind.

To you, we give our praise.

God of birdsong,

God of mountain strong,

of geese-flight,

dark night,

and streams.

To you, we give our praise.

God of snowfall,

God of redwoods tall,

of rocks,

brittle stalks,

and leaves.

Creation calls

its resurrection song;

into our dark, long days.

Singing its silence

into the wild

of our clanging, banging craze.

Listen for the

Red-bellied Woodpecker,

and screech of Hawk and Jay.

Be patient and wait.

Linger, and taste the

medicine of creatures and space.

You spoke creation into being...

...and now, creation speaks into me.

I hear birds I cannot see.

And see creatures, I cannot hear.

And this is precisely what I need.



burdens lift.


fears calm.

The north wind comes,

and carries them all away.


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