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A Series of Poems for Prayers: #3 Come, Light! (a confession of sorts)

There’s something inside

that’s stuck.

Something dark that’s


I can’t quite name it.

But ongoing,

I feel it.

Freedom is what I need.

There’s a trap door

with hidden things

shut down, locked up

and bolted in.

Secrets and shame,

Misplaced desire,

and unchecked riddles of rage.

Sloth and indulgence,

Obsessions and fears

I love too many things.

Come Light,

Come Water.

Come to this

curved-in space.

With the force of holy rivers

wash it all away

With bright, pure flame

rekindle me again.

Breathe life into

these dry bones.

Make my heart

shine bright and clean.

For I am a recipient

of mercy.

Again, you have

parted the sea.

My twisted nature,


My sin,

tossed into space.

My sadness,

turned to praise.

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