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A Series of Poems for Prayers: #4 Teach me to Listen

The round-about



The ever-thinking


thoughts in my brain

capsize me.

Silence is tough to find.

I want to listen

to the Only voice

to One who knows me,

to One who holds

all things together.

I want to stop saying things,

stop asking,

stop begging,

and cease striving.

I close my eyes

and open my palms.

I breathe.

I choose quiet

as the sun comes up.

I stop reading,

stop praying,

and stop writing.

I stop.

I cease everything

and listen

and wait

as my thoughts move out

like the low tide.

Oh, the balm of surrender.

Oh, the rest in this Presence.

Oh, the calm in this trust.

Come, Lord, Come.


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