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An Internal Glance

There is an enormous difference between self-absorption and self-reflection. One defines our culture, the other is rare. One leads to anxiety, narcissism, and relational disconnection. The other leads to humility, empathy, and meaningful relationships.

Once a month I will be posting what I am calling "An Internal Glance." My hope is to foster self-reflection. After reading through Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, I am personally convicted and convinced that spiritual and emotional maturity will not happen unless we learn to take a look at our lives. We must name the unhealthy patterns. We must identify the anger, sadness, or hurt we are holding on to so that it doesn't stay stuck inside, spilling onto those around us unintentionally.

When you see this particular post come into your inbox, I invite you to set aside a few minutes to reflect. Practice the discipline of paying attention to your precious life. Let it be a time to invite Jesus into the secret places, the mysterious places, and the stuck places. Ask the Spirit to help you see.

So, here we go...I welcome you on the road to more maturity and fullness in Jesus, I'm on it, too.


An Internal Glance.

Growing in personal development and spiritual maturity, a glance a time.

Start Simple:

We live our lives in fly-by moments. Dinner on the go. Burning through our schedules. Falling comatose into bed. Our habit becomes moving items from today’s list to tomorrow’s list. Margins seem a lost cause. But maybe not, my productive friends…

Let's start simple. Begin by getting in touch with your “self" that is tumbling in the tumbleweeds. Sit with these two questions:

  1. What is one thing I need today? (conversation with a friend? A brief walk? A power nap? Time to read? A drive in the car alone?)

  2. Am I forgetting something about God’s faithfulness that’s causing me to live in fear today?

These two questions are all you need. It’s best to start simple. Invite Jesus to give you insight...


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