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An Internal Glance

"An Internal Glance" is meant to nurture healthy self-awareness. It will come out once a month. Just a few questions to reflect on, to process with a friend, to pray about...We have enough people in the world who are experts in self-obsession. Let's be the opposite.

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An Internal Glance.

Growing in personal development and spiritual maturity, a glance a time...

Being still gets easier…

Any time we reshape our habits we may encounter discomfort, even some anxiety. As a matter of fact, we should expect it. As a counselor, and as someone who has gone to counseling, it rings true: facing your life, and looking at what you have ignored, can cause things to feel harder before they feel better!

Normalize the discomfort and you will find an ability to weather it with more grace and endurance. Take a few minutes this week to ask yourself the following reflection questions:

  1. In a week’s time, on average, how much intentional quiet do I get? How does getting quiet or not getting quiet impact my mood and perspective?

  2. What do I notice happen in my mind and body when I take a few moments to stop?

Either our values or our fears will dictate how we spend or mental and physical energy. Let’s pay attention!

After reading through Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, I am personally convicted and convinced that spiritual and emotional maturity will not happen unless we learn to take a look at our lives. We must name the unhealthy patterns. We must identify the anger, sadness, or hurt we are holding on to so that it doesn't stay stuck inside, spilling onto those around us unintentionally.

When you see this particular post come into your inbox, I invite you to set aside a few minutes to reflect. Practice the discipline of paying attention to your precious life. Let it be a time to invite Jesus into the secret places, the mysterious places, and the stuck places. Ask the Spirit to help you see.

So, here we go...I welcome you on the road to more maturity and fullness in Jesus, I'm on it, too.


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