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An Internal Glance

"An Internal Glance" is meant to nurture healthy self-awareness. It will come out once a month. Just a few questions to reflect on, to process with a friend, to pray about...We have enough people in the world who are experts in self-obsession. Let's be the opposite.

An Internal Glance.

Growing in personal development and spiritual maturity, a glance a time...

Name One Quality…

Can you think of an interaction you had recently where you noticed a particular strength in another person? I have a friend who is so good about remembering the details. When I share about a significant memory, an appointment that has me stressed, a dinner out with my parents, she is faithful to follow up, “How did it go yesterday?!” This friend has three kids and is a full-time English teacher; she has a lot to juggle! And yet, she remembers the details. What it reveals to me about her is two things: she CARES and she LISTENS.

In our self-absorbed, rush-rush pace, these qualities are not common.

Over the last year, I have noticed her influence on me in this area. The truth is, I want to be others-focused. And I definitely want to be someone who is known as a “good listener.”

Think about these questions for a few minutes. Glance internally and see what you can name:

  1. Who is someone I respect?

  2. What quality do I respect about them?

  3. What quality do I want to be known for?

These questions help us pay attention. And paying attention causes us to be inspired; this is how we grow.

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