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Let's admit it, we have limits...

"An Internal Glance" is meant to nurture healthy self-awareness. It will come out once a month. Just a few questions to reflect on, to process with a friend, to pray about...We have enough people in the world who are experts in self-obsession. Let's be the opposite.

An Internal Glance.

Growing in personal development and spiritual maturity, a glance a time...

Limits in a limitless society.

The root problem with most of our dysfunction is pride. It masks itself all kinds of ways. If you watch TV at all and take note of the commercials, everything is about getting whatever you want. Doing whatever it takes. No limits. Nothing should hold you back.

The SELF is in the center.

I have officially arrived at mid-life, and I can assure you, there are limits. We run out of steam. Money doesn't come in. Friends bail. We fail. Our hopes get tangled up with disappointment and we shut our hearts down.

We are human, after all.

God did it with the sea, and he does it with us: draws a boundary line. This is what Sabbath is all about--cease striving and let God be God. It is so tempting to think our lives on Earth should produce what only the New Earth will be able to give us. Here, we require the Spirit. As Paul says, "...the Spirit helps us in our...WEAKNESSES." This is, in fact, the design. How are you when life requires you to stop and rest? When you get sick, when you lose your job, when you can't make ends meet, when your kids seem lost, when the future is so obviously out of your control? What do we do with fatigue, loneliness, or a failure we can't simply fix? Take a minute and reflect on how your particular limitations can be a gateway to dependency on God.

So here are a few questions, a few thoughts for your Internal Glance…

  1. What limits are you facing right now in your life? They may be subtle so take some time to ponder.

  2. What is my typical response when I experience limitations?

  3. What does God want me to learn through these limitations?

  4. What can I say to invite him into what feels so out of my control and scary?

Our limits are a warning to slow down, take time to be still, and trust in the same One who is holds the seas back. He knows what we need, and our job is to move toward him with our need.

The goal is to embrace our limitations for they are a key to joy and contentment.

For your reference, THIS is the book I am taking information from. I HIGHLY recommend it!


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