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Our exhaustion problem is not that we are doing too much…a tree stump made it POSITIVELY clear.

I post this picture to let go of the embarrassment...and to tell the story of what I needed to relearn (besides how to drive! 😑)...

My friend got into a car accident the other day. She is fine, thankfully. But her car is totaled. Small potatoes in the scheme of things. But it is scary and overwhelming.

It was only three weeks before that I had pulled over on the side of the road to hang a sign for a friend who is missing her dog. I pulled back onto the road except I didn’t know there was a massive tree stump right in front of the car 😫. My tire ran up on it, and as I went over it (it all happens so fast!), the stump smashed the side of my front passenger door. It was bad, and by the sound of it, I knew it was bad. I can't put all the words to it here, but that moment became a marker for me. After a few years of many complicated and confusing things building up inside of me, I cracked when my car cracked. God had my attention.

My friend and I talked about how strange it is that something with our cars can really do a number on our emotional state. What we both concluded: at the root, we don’t believe God is our provider. We think all of it, every bit of our lives, is on us.

When we get this wrong, we get everything backward.

After years of working with individuals and families…

After entering mid-life and facing my own strongholds…

After paying attention to the dysfunctional norms of our culture…

Something has become so clear: We live our lives by our own strength. Better said, we think about our successes, our children’s lives, our open and closed doors, our financial burdens, and the health of our marriages or friendships as IN OUR HANDS.

That, my friends, is exhausting.

After my accident (and a small one at that!), shame, fear, stress, and weariness flooded over me and through me. It became obvious, I couldn’t solve this by myself. After pulling into a parking lot to look at my smashed-up car, and yelling at the top of my lungs to God, I texted my husband to let him know what happened. I didn’t want to face him with this news (even though he is the most gracious person I know).

And then a text back:

“Small potatoes.”

Tears still come up when I remember the grace he poured over me with those two words.

Circumstances like this in my life give me hope for others who carry the heaviness of this ever-present, toxic lie:

“It is all up to you.”

Wow. It is too much.

Change begins in some fairly simple ways. And yet, the problem with living an over-scheduled life…the problem with our screen consumption…is that we have forgotten who God is; we have turned in circles trying to make our own way. As a result, we are exhausted and anxious. How do we live our lives out of the framework of TRUTH? Is it possible to actually BELIEVE him? To genuinely live in step with the Lord, inviting him to be not only our companion our powerhouse...

Did you know I love working as a spiritual director?? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Over the next three months, I am offering a Support Package for women who feel stuck. Three sessions for the price of two. If you know me at all, you know I love helping people orient back to truth. There is freedom in figuring out how we got where we are and naming the belief systems we have adopted along the way. All the while, we totally forget the strong Man who was raised from the dead. Rarely do we think about Paul’s words, “The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is IN YOU.” And even if we remember him, we have no idea what it means to resource him, surrender to him, and invite him into the middle of it all.

What will three sessions with Dawn look like?

  1. Processing where you are and how you got there ✔️

  2. Clearing out the fog and naming what you need, want, and hope for that have been buried under the rubble of busyness and survival mode ✔️

  3. Getting practical with next steps, and creating some simple rhythms to connect with the Lord on a regular basis ✔️

These are 50-minute sessions at a cost of $230 (valued at $345).

Click below to schedule a free consultation--

In the meantime, slow down. Allow for some space to get in touch with the toxic build-up that is keeping you from living. Start simple.


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