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Spiritually numb? Aimless? Don't know where to start? Check out ROOTed! Here's the scoop...

I have had an idea spinning around in my small brain for the last year or more. Burnout led me to rethink my purpose and meaning. Mid-life will do that to you. After teaching high school and counseling families for over 20 years, God is leading me in a new direction. It's taken me some time of floundering before figuring it out. Not easy, but good for me. So, I am creating a new platform with the hope to cultivate spiritual GRIT. Whew, we need it. I need it.

To put it boldly, I have felt compelled to create ROOTed. Our lack of stability as human beings is worth paying attention to. We need stability. In the link below, you'll hear me share about the vision for ROOTed, hopefully answering the questions some of you have been asking: Here ya go!

ROOTed will be a membership where each week builds upon the next, offering a teaching and personal application geared toward women who want to grow some serious roots!

It's NOT a Bible study. It's NOT a devotional. It's NOT a podcast...

This is a weekly, manageable teaching meant to sink your anchor into deeper and deeper soil each week. The consistency of truth going in, is the key. I realize this must be a manageable commitment of time, or I know you won't be able to do it. So I have made it manageable friends.

Here's the goal for someone who joins ROOTed--

You will move from:

Aimless to Focused

Overwhelmed to Confident

Insecure to Courageous

Guilty to Motivated

Numb to Engaged

Flatlined to Inspired

Stuck to Curious

Sound helpful? Believe me, my motivation in creating ROOTed is also for myself! I am regularly in need of Scripture study in an intentional way.

A few more thoughts about the WHY....

Let's all admit it. We aren't doing very well.

As a nation, and as Christians, we are a fragile bunch. Whew. I wonder if God would say of us like he said of the Ninevites to Jonah, "[They] don't know their right hand from their left." Thankfully, this was one reason God was looking to shower them with mercy.

I don't recognize the world anymore. Do you? Not the one I have known. I stop regularly and think how grateful I am that I didn't grow up in this time in history. We have no foundation today And for those who think we are moving in a positive direction, just give it a few years.

Some of you heard how Ida came through the greater Philadelphia area and arm wrestled us until she won. Homes ruined, fields strewn with dead fish, small businesses washed out, tree branches draped with debris from the water rising and rushing against them...It was quite a scene. Truthfully, in many ways, it reminded me of the disorder in our society. That's the word for it: disordered.

I feel the chaos every day. And my heart breaks especially for kids who are living under the direction of adults who are not giving them the order and boundaries they need.

Stable. Steady. Mature. Grounded. Consistent. Faithful. Calm. Committed. Confident. Humble. Long-suffering.

Even as I write these words, I feel a calm. There's a security linked to them. I would love to be characterized by these words. On a regular basis, I have to ask myself, "What does it mean to be committed to Jesus?" Some would say it's archaic to believe hold to the truths of an ancient book. Even recently someone said to me, "I feel so sad for you."

"Why do you feel sad?"

"You are just so afraid of dying. You have to create a Disneyland in order to cope."

As Christians, those of us who trust Scripture to be the source of truth, we realize what we believe is "foolishness "to those who don't believe.Foolishness. Crazy-talk. Ignorance. I can see why. It's an upside down Kingdom. Jesus himself told Pilate, "My Kingdom is not of this world." C.S. Lewis simplified it when he said Jesus was either crazy, a liar, or telling the truth. He can't be a "good teacher" while also claiming to be "One with the Father," or "The Living Water," or the "Way to eternal life"...that's a madman, if it's not true.

The obsession with LOVE (meaning, "let everyone be and do what they want") and TOLERANCE has backfired. Does anyone notice this? It's ironic and worth paying attention to. In the name of LOVE we are more unstable, anxious, angry than we have been in a long time, if ever. The dysfunction in our society runs deep and wide, and the blame-shifting has only made it worse. We are an unrooted people. We don't know what to believe. We can't find our way through the fog. And we are narcissistic to the bone. Things aren't going well.

I want to be about you?

If you are interested in hearing more about becoming a Founding Member, click here....


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