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Writer's Block: SOS!!

Writers!! HELP!!...don't you have empathy? Don't you know exactly what I mean when I say there are SO MANY WORDS for SO MANY THOUGHTS that they jam up and backlog in your brain?? Don't you feel the constipation in your soul? I would value advise from writers, or anyone for that matter! PLEASE, my friends....Here is all I could squeak out today:

I’m pregnant with words.

I feel their heartbeat

and movement.

I listen for them.

How many?


so many words,

and they can’t find

a way out,

or an order

to line up in,

a path to follow

onto a page.

So they collect

and build up,

and stay shut up.

They get tangled

and can’t breathe.

They swirl with

no exit.

They push on the wall

of my flesh,

all day,

every day.

They pulse through the

pathways of my brain.

They are stuck,

so I am stuck.

They are lost,

so I am lost.


a few words

at a time.

A line of 3, 4, 5, and 6

to make a sensible statement

for others to follow.

But just a few,

and then a few,

and then a page,

and then a page,

and an insight,

that fits with a paragraph,

that sets up a chapter

that allows me to finally breathe…

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