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Get to Know Dawn

Get to Know Dawn

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Dawn Poulterer Woods

Dawn Woods has been counseling and coaching families of adolescents for over 20 years. From the time she was a child she was known or making up stories, talking to strangers, and singing in the shower. Her obsession with humpback whales as well as her love for reading, make her an interesting person to talk with. She enjoys watercolor, bird watching, and wandering in the woods.

In private practice, church ministry, and as a high school counselor, Dawn has been an objective, leveling voice for many teenagers and parents. Her humor puts people at ease and her wisdom brings clarity.

Preserving the beauty of the human condition is her passion. Dawn studies the world from the perspective of both psychology and theology. She acknowledges no divide between the secular and spiritual realm and believes everything, from the Gold Rush, to the Redwoods, to the battle at Gettysburg, informs us on how to thrive. Inspiration is all around.

Dawn wants humans to flourishing, especially as it relates to families who long to thrive in the challenges of this technological age. Both her speaking and coaching are motivated to this end. From her perspective, we are under relentless assaults, tempting us towards meaninglessness. Whenever she is given an opportunity, Dawn pushes against the poverty of a small existence.

Dawn has her undergraduate degree in English from Messiah College and her master's degree in Christian Counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. She taught high school English, New Testament Survey, and Faith in Culture for over a decade and loved every minute of it. In the last 5 years she began her Family Coaching Business, a much needed resource in a confused and floundering culture. Creativity and hope set the tone for her work.

In addition, Dawn leads women retreats, parents seminars, and coffees for moms. She is a speaker and Family Coach for ScreenStrong, a non-profit helping families with video game addiction and social media anxiety.

Finally, Dawn has waited tables in some local restaurants and believes everyone should do the same at some point in their lives. According to her, she learned as much in a restaurant as she did in graduate school.

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